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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are choosing to install a new A/C system in Lewisville, or you are in need of a repair of an existing air conditioning and heating system, it is critical that you are fully knowledgeable of your investment. At Climate Care Air Conditioning & Heating we sympathize with your concerns and above all want you to have the education needed so that you can make decisions you can be confident in. In doing so, we have developed this page to answer many of the most common questions we hear on a daily basis. If you have any further questions, we encourage you to speak with one of our experts who will be glad to help you. We can be contacted at 972-353-5257. For your convenience, feel free to request services from this site. Thank you for your interest in our company and we look forward to serving you soon!

How is the efficiency of an A/C system determined?

A Central Air Conditioning System is rated using an efficiency ratio system referred as "SEER" or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. As of 1987, The National Appliance Energy Conservation Act or NAECA established a code of standards for residential air-cooled central A/C systems and air source central heat pumps. This standard stated that any air conditioning system installed must meet a minimum "SEER" rating of 10.0. In the same code it also states that a heat pump must meet federal guidelines of 6.8 HSPF or Heating Seasonal Performance Factor for split systems. In regards to the "SEER" rating, as of 2006, all air conditioning and heating systems must meet a minimum "SEER" of 13.0 or higher. At Climate Care Air Conditioning & Heating you can trust in technicians who are not only state licensed but are authorized dealers of American Standard equipment to recommend a heating and cooling system perfect for your needs and budget!

Why does my A/C system run a short time then shutoff?

It may be that your air conditioning and heating system is too large for your home. The most important preliminary step when selecting a new A/C system must be a proper calculation of heat load. This will help determine the perfect fit for your home. An oversized system will not only shut on and off more frequently causing unnecessary wear and tear on the unit itself but also waste electricity and inflate your utility expense. In addition, because the system isn't permitted to run long enough, the air in the home never gets dehumidified. You should notice an uncomfortable, cold, clammy feeling as if you were in a cave. Our specialists at Climate Care Air Conditioning & Heating are expertly trained to custom fit a system to your home.

If I replace my old system with a new one will it save on energy costs?

Absolutely! The initial expense of a new A/C system may seem overwhelming. However, the long-term benefit of reducing your energy cost will not only pay for your new system but also provide a more comfortable living. Feel free to contact our comfort specialists at Climate Air Conditioning & Heating to customize a "high efficiency A/C system that will be perfect for your needs. You can also have confidence in our 100% financing options available through American General.

Will my new system require any maintenance?

Yes! Just like your car, regardless of how old it is, it still requires periodic maintenance and inspection. However, you can trust that Climate Care Air Conditioning & Heating will recommend preventative maintenance check-ups. We will check your system to make sure your a/c and heating system is running as efficiently as possible.

How often should I change my air filters?

The answer to this question has many considerations one should consider. However, as a standard, your A/C filters should be changed at least every 30 days. Factors to consider would include whether you have smokers in the home, pets and even the frequency of use. These factors may find you changing your filters more often.

What product brands do you service?

As an authorized American Standard dealer we are dedicated to their product excellence when installing a new system. However, we are proud to service and repair any brand. Proudly we claim, "We sell the best and repair the rest!"

Are you licensed and insured?

Absolutely! With over 12 years experience in the air conditioning and heating industry, you can trust that each of our technicians are trained, certified and receive a continual education program which keeps us the leader in the A/C and heating repair and installation business. You can also have peace at mind that we are fully insured and protected by a comprehensive liability policy.

What are your hours of operation?

At Climate Care Air Conditioning & Heating we are proud to offer a flexible scheduling calendar between the hours of Monday - Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. If needed for emergency service just let us know and we will gladly be at your service!

What are the benefits of a whole house air cleaner?

The typical replace-and toss filter traps less than 20% of the contaminants circulating throughout your house, causing the build up of dust and high levels of allergens. Only an installed Whole House Air Cleaner provides optimal cleaning throughout your entire home, conveniently tucked out of the way with your heating/cooling system. For more information visit

I live in the Collin county area. Do you service my area?

Climate Care Air Conditioning & Heating is proud to service the cities of Coppell, Flower Mound, Highland Village, and Lewisville. If you have any questions regarding your address please contact us at 972-353-5257.

Each and everyone of us at Climate Care Air Conditioning & Heating hope that you have found this page to be helpful and informative. If you are in Lewisville, Texas, and have any questions or would like to schedule a service call, please contact us at 972-353-5257. For your convenience, feel free to request services from this site.

Thank you for your interest in Climate Care Air Conditioning & Heating.

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